Staff Directory

To contact a staff member by phone, please call the office at (714) 663-6146.

Name Title/Position Email Web site
Administrative and Support Staff
Beth Cusimano Principal
Rene Cantoran Assistant Principal
Michelangelo Siciliano Community Liaison
Jessica Valenzuela Clerk
Anita Garcia Community Liaison
Steve Stahl Custodian (Plant Supervisor)
Sitara Awan Health Aide
Edgar Pelayo Librarian
Liz Smith Testing Clerk
Skye Piper-Johnson Speech Therapist
Maria Flores TOSA
Andy Nguyen Community Liaison
Briana Slater Kindergarten Teacher
Candace Bierbrodt Kindergarten Teacher
Traci Brown First Grade Teacher
Tammy Reynolds First Grade Teacher
Lisa McKinley First Grade Teacher
Amy Bostic First & Second Grade Teacher
Sherry Martiny Second Grade Teacher
Christina Ogawa Third Grade Teacher
Sarah Serafim Third Grade Teacher
Valerie Towner Third Grade Teacher
Stephanie Gamst Fourth Grade Teacher
Kristin Gurney Fourth/Fifth Grade Teacher
Dawn Floyd Fifth Grade Teacher
Phary Chhoeun Fifth Grade Teacher
Alexandria Knight Sixth Grade Teacher
Michael Young Sixth Grade Teacher
Allyson Horton Literacy Coach
Joy Kun MM and RSP Teacher
Wendy Wiebach Vocal Music Teacher
Quanisha Jones Instrumental Music Teacher